Enter the beautiful and mystical world of pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils, Oils derived with care from plants, flowers, trees, roots, fruits, and seeds, Oils that helped make up the pure essence of the plant's immune system, Oils brought to you in their whole form to enhance your emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and energetic well-being.

Pure aromatic oils can be used many ways - as part of a mist or body lotion; for face and hair care; in a diffuser for relaxation, meditation, or invigoration; as part of an exercise routine; for first aid (it is used in hospitals in France by medical doctors); as a perfumed oil or natural perfume - the list is endless.

For people who experience allergies, headaches, or asthma from synthetic products, the use of pure essential oils often means the ability to enjoy and wear scent.

Connie Wehmeyer of Subtle Energies, a graduate of Michael Scholes School of Aromatherapy, and a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner from the Jane Buckle Training for Health Professionals. She has over 800 hours of aromatherapy training. She has also studied Subtle Energy Fields and Aroma* Fitness with Joan Clark, natural perfumery with Katherine DeGraff of the Aroma Research Institute of America, and Herbs & Aromatherapy with Chrissie Wildwood. Connie is a member of the Women of Essence national organization.

Connie provides personalized consultations, products, and perfumes, and is creator of a large line of products for Subtle Energies. She also teaches several aromatherapy courses here at Subtle Energies and has been a teacher at NYS AMTA conventions.