Body Work

All of our massage bodywork is performed by NYS licensed massage therapists who have graduated with a high level of training in Swedish and other modalities. All who work out of Subtle Energies (whether employees or consultants) are dedicated professionals who still continue to receive intensive advanced training in their specialty areas.

For those bodywork modalities that do not require a NYS LMT license, we assure that the therapists are fully trained and licensed as required by NY State law.

Most of our massages range from $45 for a half-hour to $75 for an hour. Couple's Massages are $160. We also offer longer sessions up to 2 hours. We charge the same for most types of sessions to allow the client and the therapist a lot of flexibility in doing what the client requires for their massage. We do not want to be like the spas that suggest a change of the type of massage so they can charge you more.

All types of Swedish related massages (where we use cream or oils) are also aromatherapy massages at no extra charge. If the client has a special condition, a specific blend for their session can be made for them so that they get the most benefit from their session.

What Type of Massage to Choose

Don't know what type of bodywork to choose? We charge the same for all types of massage-related bodywork so you can mix and match without any extra charge. This allows the therapist to employ more than one modality during the session, which can maximize the healing benefits for you. Let us know when booking what you may want (or a little bit about your condition) so we can schedule the most appropriate therapist for your session. All of our sessions that use creams or oils are aromatherapy sessions unless otherwise requested.

All types of massage help with release of toxins, circulation of the blood and lymph, pain relief, relaxation, and nervous system balancing. Massage has been clinically shown to relieve depression. Following is information to help you decide which session you might want to try!


Good for muscle aches and pains, circulation, relaxation, and range of motion issues (for instance head/neck and arm/shoulder). Client usually removes all clothes (while therapist is out of room) except perhaps underwear. Client is properly draped at all times.

Hot Stone

This has many of the advantages of Swedish massage, plus it works extremely well for people with very thick and/or tight muscles. Muscles release early in the session, giving the therapist more time to do specific deep work. Client is dressed as for a Swedish Massage.

'M' Technique

Very excellent for the very fragile, ill, or end of life. Will do home visits as needed within the area. These clients are usually in wheelchairs or hospital beds. However, we can accommodate them, if they are able to travel, at Subtle Energies. They can do this session fully clothed if needed.

Lymph Drainage

Gentle work to help with pre- or post-surgery. Also good for edema and other lymphatic swelling. We have recently been getting feedback that this method is very helpful to help relieve pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Client is dressed as for a Swedish Massage.


Client is fully clothed except for shoes. This very light and gentle work helps with sinus problems, balance, ADD, ADHD, range-of-motion, post traumatic stress, whiplash, birth trauma, and loosening of soft tissue so deep in the body it cannot be accessed through regular massage (like in front of the spinal column). (Clients' ages range 2 months and up).


Client is fully clothed except for shoes and socks. Using the reflexes and not hurting the client, the therapist works the reflex points on the feet to help stimulate electrical energy of the nervous system to organs, glands, and different parts of the body. Also helps aching feet, bunions, flat feet, and plantar fascitis!

Pre/Post Natal

Helps a mom-to-be or new-mom through these beautiful but trying times! Client can wear whatever is comfortable or prepare as for a regular Swedish Massage.


Helps athletes prepare for sports events and also helps to relieve post-sports-related pain, stress, and problems. Same client preparation as for a Swedish Massage.


Both people are worked on in the same room. There are, obviously, two therapists working - one on each person. A great way to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, Weddings (bride and mom, bride and bridesmaids, groom and best man), or just as a special treat! We used to offer tea with this, but most people did not want it. If you would like it, please let us know when booking.

Special Needs and Disabilities

We have many clients in this population and will visit group homes. This work helps with spastic muscles (in case of MD), behavioral problems, social skills, and helps this population become comfortable with 'gentle' touch. We can work with clients in wheel chairs, hospital beds, sitting in their favorite chair, or on a massage table. We are very flexible with these sessions to allow the best experience possible for the client.

SomatoEmotional Release and Post-Traumatic Stress

This work requires a lot of advanced training. Connie works with the clients to help release unpleasant memories stored in the client's body that impact the client's ability to function at times. This has helped tremendously post-9/11 firemen, policemen, and survivors; also helps with sleep disorders; with physical, mental, and emotional abuse; and with birth and other trauma. 60 or 90 minute sessions required. If you are 'stuck' with your psychological sessions, this is a good session to have. It can unlock memories that were truly forgotten, allowing you and your psychologist to explore new areas of your life in your future sessions with them. We suggest one CranioSacral session with Connie before booking this. Client is fully clothed except for shoes.

The Brain Speaks

This work is an advanced version of the SomatoEmotional Release and Post-Traumatic Stress work. It is performed by having a 'dialogue' directly with the brain. It is often recommended by psychologists and other therapists for post-traumatic stress, personality disorders such as depression, confusion, unresolved anger that psychological counseling cannot uncover, multiple personality disorders or distortions, and much more. People who have become 'stuck' in working with their psychologists because they are constantly rehashing the same thing can use the Brain Speaks to uncover and unlock memories so that they can continue with their psychologist in a more beneficial way. We suggest one CranioSacral session with Connie before booking this. Client is fully clothed except for shoes.

Immune System Response

This work is a very advanced version of Brain Speaks. It allows dialogue with the immune system and helps the client to heal, accept, and work with such things as Lyme disease, cancer, rheumatoid and other types of arthritis, auto-immune diseases, and more. We suggest one CranioSacral session with Connie before booking this. Client is fully clothed except for shoes.


Reiki is an energy technique practiced throughout the world. It is very gentle and non-invasive. It is not a religion, but a way of transmitting gentle loving energy from the universe into a client's energy field. It helps on all levels - physical, mental, and emotional. It is thoroughly relaxing and allows your body to get into a 'healing' mode so that it can help in healing itself. Client is fully clothed except for shoes/socks.

Zero Core Balancing

Is a hands-on bodywork system designed to align a person's physical and energetic bodies. It is considered at the leading edge of body/mind therapies for its incorporation of Eastern concepts of energy and healing into the Western scientific approach to body structure. Zero Balancing can offer significant improvement in structural alignment and sense of well-being through balancing the body structure and energy. An average session lasts about 30-60 minutes and is done through clothing. Zero Balancing focuses on bone and skeletal system. It reduces pain, body discomfort and stress and promotes postural alignment and better flow of energy in our bodies. Zero Balancing also provides an increased sense of connection, peace, balance and harmony.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available - you can stop by and pick them up or call and have them mailed (using a credit card) for all the various types of massage. We have special pricing for purchasing a 3-pack or a 6-pack. Note that if you have three people to buy for, you can buy 3 separate certificates at the same time and still receive the discount.